NEWS RELEASE: Krillionaire 3D Educational Storybook eBook and Website Released on Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle Fire eBook e-Readers. The 3D eBook features a Krillionaire Monochrome Edition ($6.99) for Black & White Kindle e-Readers and a Krillionaire Color ($9.99) Edition for Kindle Fire, as well as a Low-Cost Krillionaire Storybook ($3.99) Edition that can also be downloaded for FREE from the Amaxon Kindle Lending Library. All three editions of the book have been getting rave 5 Star Reviews on and can be accessed by clicking on the 3D scene (Page 22 of the 40 page 3D eBook) immediately to the left of this paragraph. Be sure to check it out sometime soon!

NEWS RELEASE: Production begins on The Pod Squad 3D eBook Sequel to Krillionaire educational 3D storybook eBook. The Pod Squad website is now completed and on-line and the storyline is written and 3D production has commenced on scenes for the new sequel at Mind Taffy Design Studios in Santa Barbara, California. The sequel will also have 40 scenes like the first 3D educational storybook eBook and will continue the story as The Pod Squad travels up the West Coast of the US and Canada looking for the Orca Stefano. Like the Krillionaire series of books, The Pod Squad 3D eBooks will be an excellent value.

NEWS RELEASE: Krillogy Hires MindTaffy to Create Second Series of Kindle 3D eBooks to be released on the Bookstore for the increasingly popular Amazon Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire eBook eReaders. The books are written by Children's Storybook Author Victoria Wagner, CEO of Krillogy, and will be programmed, optimized and published by Mind Taffy Design. Mind Taffy artisans will also be creating the 3D rendered imagery for each of the 40 scenes in the new 3D eBook series, as they did for the original 3D eBook series called Krillionaire. The first series of 3D eBooks was released in Q1 of 2012 and the second series of 3D eBooks will be released in the Second Half of 2012 at the same low price points as the first series, which is currently garnering 5 Star Reviews on